Fatra Single Ply Membranes

Fatra Single Ply Roofing Membranes are a flexible, lightweight and cost effective waterproofing solution with an established track record across both the private and public sector. They have a certified life expectancy in excess of 30 years accredited by the British Board of Agrement (BBA)

Fatra FF810 Membrane: Side-lap fixed installation

Fatra FF810 reinforced membrane can also be mechanically side-lap fixed as an alternative option to the FF852 PVC fixing disc system. In this build-up, the membrane and insulation are secured independently.  

FF810 side-lap plate washers.jpg

Typical warm roof installation

When side-lap fixing, Fatra FF810 1.3m wide membrane must be used, with each sheet overlapping the adjacent sheet by 120mm. The fixings should be spaced at 150mm centres along the length of the roll and the edge of the washer should be no less than 10mm away from the edge of the membrane.

Insulation boards should be secured independently in a side-lap fixed installation. Use an FR-75 tube washer with the appropriate fastener (FBS-5.8 for steel / plywood, FHD-6.1 for concrete).

When fastening the membrane, use either an FF853O 82mm x 40mm steel plate washer or an FR-45 tube washer with a fastener. If using a tube washer, ensure a suitable tool is used to puncture the membrane: do not snip the edge of the roll.

Once the membrane has been fixed, roll the next section of FF810 membrane over the sheet that has been secured, carefully lining up the membrane to achieve a 120mm overlap. This provides enough space to cover the fixings and to achieve a full hot air weld.

Side-lap fixing should also be used for all vertical upstands greater than 600mm in height.